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Delivering Advanced Orthotic Solutions to Practitioners and Foot Clinics for Enhanced Patient Care.

Tailored to Perfection

Our orthotics are custom-made to meet the unique needs of each individual, utilizing the latest 3D scanning technology for accuracy and precision.

Cutting-Edge Solutions

At the forefront of orthotic innovation, we employ the most advanced manufacturing techniques and materials.

Beyond Orthotics

With a focus on education and support, we ensure our clients and medical practitioners are informed and confident in the orthotic solutions we provide.

About Global Orthotics

Global Orthotics carefully designs every Custom made orthotic to your patient's needs.

Global Orthotics Inc. is a Canadian Orthotic Lab that offers a wide variety of Innovative Custom Made Orthotics. We have a highly medical team of Podiatrist, Chiropodist, and Pedorthist design the best and most innovative orthotic devices.

Our team of skilled technicians has over 25 years experience in manufacturing the best quality orthotics that best fit your needs.

The latest technology in 3D scanner in the market.

Global Orthotics priority and main goal is to help people keep an active life style free of pain. 

We have combined 3D scanning systems that make it easy for the practitioner to use. 

One of the systems that Global Orthotics uses is the latest 3D Lidar technology that does not require an external hardware. The 3D foot impression can be submitted along with the prescription though the APP. This integrated software is user-friendly and reproducible 3D cast profile.

The other 3D Scanning system that we use is the Ipad Device powered by Occipital structure sensor technology which is easy and accurate way to instantly capture your patient 3D foot impression. 

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Custom Made Orthotics design for your every need.

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Full line of therapeutic graduated compression stockings using the highest quality yarns with refined knitting and accuracy of details.

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Line of back and lumbar support, for hard work, for incorrect postures and after surgery. Knee support for knee joint, instability, arthritis, and others.

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Our main goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality of orthotics.

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